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Let's continue our investment in intelligent transportation systems and relieve congestion  by providing more turn lanes and improving alternative routes.  Let's reward projects that encourage walkability and biking.

Police and Fire Protection

Let's continue to support two of our greatest services that make Edmond such a safe place to live.  Let's celebrate our civil servants that put their lives on the line for the citizens of Edmond.  

Economic Development

Let's continue to attract and support companies that provide quality jobs for all of our residents. Let's continue to look at ways to grow our sales tax base so we can maintain our streets and infrastructure, pay for public safety, and maintain our parks and public amenities.       

Smart Growth

Let's embrace Edmond's growth with confidence.  Let's be proactive with the language in our codes and ordinances so we may unite our residents, not divide.  Let's strengthen our core and promote downtown development.  Let's protect Edmond's beauty where there is beauty.  

Parks and Recreation

Let's continue to show our residents that parks and green space are a priority in our community.  Let's continue to provide amenities that allow an opportunity for all of Edmond's citizens to gather for learning, exercise, and play.  

Education and Healthcare

The future is bright for Edmond Schools and University.  Let's continue to support our greatest strength and look for ways to partner together.  Let's continue to support our healthcare providers and make it a priority to promote healthy lifestyles for all of Edmond's residents.